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Chaldecott Residence

Interior Designer

Alix Cameron


Mark Docherty, Docherty Developments


Tracey Ayton

Our clients have lived in this 1950’s split-level for over 20 years. With their children grown, they decided it was time for a refresh. Their goals included improving the layout to provide a more adult space for them in this next phase of their lives, function better for entertaining large groups, while still accommodating their young-adult children.

The design was inspired by the homeowners’ large antique furniture collection and their English-style garden. Materials and finishes were selected to complement the beautiful antiques while keeping the space modern and fresh.

The renovation took just over 6 months to complete but because of supply chain issues some key pieces were not installed until early 2023. The home is now complete and was recently professionally photographed by Tracey Ayton.

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